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Past Work...


Date:  23-24 September 2006
Concept:  a solo performance and a quest in the harmony of movement and natural resonance.
Artistic Collaborators: A collaboration with Rosalind Newman a native New Yorker and a former lecturer of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Her works were seen at international dance festivals in England, United States, and Holland.  New York Times praised her choreography “Bold, intelligent with innovative.”   Ms. Newman assisted in  choreographing this piece with Allen Lam remotely via many late-night videoconferences.  
Sponsor: Supported by the ADC

Creative Edge:  The seeds for this performance started with Allen’s initiatives on Dance Wide HKNY, a bilateral exchange project with four choreographers from New York earning him the Hong Kong Dance Award for 2005. 


Dates & Venues:
- April 2009 Arts Centre, McAulay Theatre, Hong Kong

- September 2009,, Macau Cultural Centre, Macau

- February 2012, Esplanade Theatre Singapore

Concept:  Moment’s in the Palm of your Hand is a wonderful story of friendship. It shows how coincidence is an integral thread of life. Their story is a journey that touches each of us in joy, laughter, conflict, loss and love.

Artistic Collaborators: Tony Wong, Awards winning Director and Actor

Sponsors: Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC), The Macau Cultural Centre, M1 Singapore Fringe Festival


Date:  7-9 December 2007

Venue: Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre Theatre Hong Kong
Concept:  A collection of award winning dancers with background from classical ballet, traditional Chinese dance, flamingo dance and designer that blends theatrical language with fashionable tone.  Using contemporary concepts and movements, the performance takes you to a runway stage to explore the intricacies of relations through unique styles of music and dance.

Artistic Collaborators: Fashion artist and designer Virginia Chu
Sponsor: Arts Development Council:

Creative Edge: “Following the exploration and integration of the world of multimediai is an expression that goes beyond what traditional dance integrating fashion as visual art.


Date:  16 – 18 April 2004 

Venue: Studio Theatre of Hong Kong Cultural Centre.
Concept:  Energy of Visual Percussion gives experiences.  Experience is about more than entertainment.  It can entail gaining insight, deep immersion, and a sense of well-being.
Artistic Collaborators:
Award-laded percussionists Lung Heung Wing and Chin Kwok Wai Mui Kwok Chiu, with origional composition

Sponsor: Leisure Cultural Services Department  (LCSD)

Creative Edge: Leung Kin Fung (Violist) and Katsusha Tsui (Vocalist) team up to produce colorful timbres for the production.  Musicians and dancers will wave the magic wand that invokes delicate experiences.

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