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The Purple Thread


The Purple Thread is a collaborative project that uses film, music and dance as a combined art form. The ultimate goal will be finding different local talents in the past and present to find the common language to set the tone of how we weave all these people together. All these connections tell a story about love and the intricacies that makes up Hong Kong’s beautiful fabric of life.


The project will combine the talents of award winning film director, Antony Szeto working with the award winning choreographer, Allen Lam, known for his multi-media and mixed arts dance theatre work. The two will collaborate with dancers/actors, musicians, designers, and parts of Hong Kong’s general population to create the story.


The Purple Thread will follow a young man and girl’s journey of love and loss. Their story will show us that despite our personal challenges, we are all indeed related and the diversity of our personal stories is where true relationships are born.


The project is supported and partially funded by the LCSD as part of the Cultural Ambassador Scheme 2015, which enable us to complete some of the shootings and screenings at the LCSD venue once its complete. Some of the cast members will also be recruited from that project 

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