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(from Latin divinare), the practice of using signs or special powers to predict the future. Taking the tale of Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino as its starting point, DiviNation explores the world we are living in, the effects of time and the uncertainty of humanity’s future. With globalization and urbanization cities play an increasingly important role in civil society. An international creative team was set up to explore the unlimited possibilities of cities, real and surreal. Allen Lam, Artistic Director of Muse Motion and Ricky Songwei Hu, an uprising Choreographer join forces with six other versatile dancers: Eryck Brahmania from London, UK; Paul Pui Wo Lee from Malmö, Sweden; Yo Takahira from Tokyo, Japan; Jingting Duan from Shanghai, China; as well as Irene Lo and Gigi Yang from Hong Kong to construct a highly contrasting yet coherent image of their utopia. 

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Divination Show Images.  A dance production choreographed by Allen Lam, Artistic Director of Muse Motion with Ricky Songwei Hu.

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