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Education / Outreach

Along with performance productions is the mission to work with youth groups to educatate and explore the world of dance collaborations.  


Date:  6-7 November 2014
Venue: HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity Theatre
Artistic Collaborators
Sponsor: Art Experience Scheme for Senior Secondary Students 2014, presented by LCSD


The story of being free to dream, Muse Motion created “The Neverland”, a work that integrates dance, theater, and video into a inspiring journey.

The production used “Growing Up” it’s theme, examining the process of pursuing the dream of a professional performer, encountering the challenge  of making choices, taking direction, feeling hesitation, facing anxiety... or simply “what to do?” 


The project included talks and performances conducted by the creative team. The creative team faced similar experience and challenges and became artistic directors, choreographers, performers, designers, teachers, DJs. They all experienced loss, failures and hurdles. However, their ability to persevere fulfills their never-ending dreams. 


Date:  8-18 August 2013
Venue:  Black Box Theatre, Jockey Club Creative Arts Ctr.
Sponsor: Education for Kids and Families 2013,
​Arts Development Council. 


Date:  Oct 22 and Oct 29, 2011

Venue: PLK Yu Lee Mo Fan Memorial School and
PLK Ngan Po Ling College  

Sponsor: Hong Kong Arts Development Council

This programme presented three learning pillars, focusing on Identity, Imagination, and Expression. Students experience included body kinesthetic intelligence memory and imagination. 


Muse Motion also delivered the
Rhapsody in Dance Education 2010





Mini & Max was under the Artist-in-residence Scheme (2006), and presented by the LCSD. This program incorporating professional dancers and outreah students through workshops and presentations coming together in a final perfomrance enttiled Twirling Haze. 


​​Date:  21 May, 2006
Venue: Auditorium, Tuen Mun Town Hal
Sponsor: LCSD

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